Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Property Management

Total Concept is our full service approach to property management. Designed specifically with the absentee Owner in mind, Total Concept provides you with the peace of mind that your property is being looked after by someone who will look after your residential property as if it were our own. For a full list of our services click on the Services navigator.

At Total Concept, we take pride in tailoring our services to your specific needs. We will be happy to review your needs with you and see how we can best work to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

We walk each of our properties weekly with an inspection checklist and keep that record on file.
We report to you weekly via the internet and included digital photography when useful.

Emergencies, such as a water pipe breaking, require a fast-response. Our Clients agree to allow us to react immediately to any such emergency, as their agent, and then to promptly follow up with the Client/Owner.

Any non-emergency repairs, whether suggested by us or by the property Owner, are quoted or bid-out to independent sub-contractors. Quotes and bids are then reviewed with the Owner.

All repairs, emergency or non-emergency, are billed in a cost-plus agreement with the Owner.

In addition to Total Concept’s comprehensive care for your property, you may also be eligible for a reduction in premium on your second home’s Homeowner’s Insurance policy. Increasingly, insurance companies are either requiring homeowners to retain the services of a property manager, or are assigning higher premiums to owner’s of second properties who do not retain the services of a property manager. Consult your insurance agent to
see if you are eligible for a discount.

Another advantage of our Regular Monthly service is the manner in which we routinely save our clients money on maintenance or repair items. Smaller items are scheduled during our regular visits, therby saving time, and we all know that time equals money.